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 A domain name consists of 2 parts: Top Level Domain (TLD) and the actual name that you choose from the list of available names under TLD of your choice.

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 Currently, there are 7 TLDs in the U.S. and some of them are widely used by companies from all over the world.

  • .com commercial organizations that may wish to profit from a site
  • .net networks, such as ISPs or hosting providers
  • .org organizations with not-for-profit or nonprofit status
The above TLDs are paid for by a company registering the name.
  • .edu four-year, degree-granting colleges
  • .gov U.S. government agencies
The above TLDs are paid for by National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • .mil U.S. Department of Defense agencies
The above TLD is paid for by the Department of Defense.
  • .us state and local government agencies, libraries, museums, non-edu schools, and individuals

 The above TLD registrations are free, however, usually are preceded by a state code and/or city code. Sometimes, they are preceded by subdomains or sub-subdomains.

 There is also a number of geographic TLDs. Information about geographic TLDs can be found at

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