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   In addition to obvious choice to contact the current owner of your domain, we offer you a different solution to you problem.

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   Are you aware, that you can have you domain name registered under a number of geographic TLDs? Instead of or, it will read, or, or yourdomain.any-available-TLD. It will work exactly like .com or .net domains do.

   If you decide to register your domain under one of national (geographic) TLDs, you can visit and check availability of your domain name under different TLDs. You can also contact and ask them to find a suitable TLD for you.

   REMEMBER, regardless of what TLD you choose (except for a small number of geographic TLDs) we still offer you our Free Domain Hosting package.

   After you find TLD for your domain, you can come back to our site and place order with us specifying your domain name, including TLD. Please note that registration of your domain name under a geographic TLD might take longer than InterNIC registration.

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