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   Dinos Servers gets commission for each of the refered accounts, however, we do not recommend you any specific ISP over another.

   Dinos Servers is not responsible for your personal decision to open an account with any of the ISPs featured.

   If you represent an ISP that is not featured on our list or you know an ISP that deserves to be on our list, please Email us.

    This list features only national providers:
  1. Cable & Wireless - $14.95 for 150 hours/month.
  2. IBM - $19.95 for 100 hours/month.
  3. WebTV - a number of different plans for Web TV users.
  4. FlashNet Communications - a variety of plans.
  5. Surfree - $14.95/month unlimited access.
  6. AAH.Net - $12.95/month unlimited access.
  7. ServUsa - $18.95/month unlimited access.
  8. Allied National Network Co. - $18.95/month unlimited access.

Please Email us if you had some kind of a problem with any of these providers.

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