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  Dear Visitor.

  Free Web Site offer that you see on this page is a real deal. There are no setup fees, monthly charges or any obligations. We are not trying to sell you anything and you can cancell your free account at any time.

  This is a great opportunity if you want to publish information about your company or yourslef, start your own Internet business or simply learn HTML.

  If you have something bigger in mind, you might want to check our commercial services and accounts. All our commercial hosting accounts are backed up by 30 days money back guarantee policy.

  We have different options for our Free Web Site accounts. The most VALUABLE feature is that you don't have to know HTML to publish your site. We have a set of flexible templates and CGI scripts that will create and publish your web site for you. If, however, you want to create your Web Site yourself and need FTP access to publish your pages, we would gladly give you FTP access.

  While exact features for each of the accounts slightly differ depending on the company that refered you to our site, they generally include:

  1. Up to 3MB storage space.
  2. Up to a 1000 hits/day.
  3. FTP access (optional).
  4. Access to our CGI library.
  5. Multiple T3 connections.
  6. Your own domain name (optional). InterNIC will charge you $70.00 directly.
  7. Free registration on our inside search engine.

      All web pages carry 3 minibaners located at the top or bottom of the page. While we will try our best to provide uninterrupted service, you must understand that since your account(s) is/are free of charges, we don't have any legal obligations should a downtime occur.

    In near future, we will publish a list of organizations that can assign you a reference code for our Free web site program.

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