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CGI Script Library F.A.Q.

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We included in this index only routine procedures.

For instructions on how to use our CGI Scripts or how to set up your own, please visit our Script Library.

For detailed explanation of your package features, please visit our Free Domain Name Hosting page and click feature-link you want to be explained.

If you think that we left something out, please Email us.


  1. File Management.
  2. Home Page Setup.
  3. E-mail Setup.
  4. Hit Counter Setup.
  5. Online Form Instructions.

1.1. File Management Using FTP.

We recommend you WS_FTP LE for your file management purposes. You can download it from the vendor's site (opens in a new window). WS_FTP LE is free for non-commercial users.
1.1. Download and install WS_FTP LE. 1.2. Start WS_FTP LE programm. You will see the connection options window open.
1.3. Click "new" and type a name of the connection (can be anything).
1.4. In box "host name" enter your domain name "".
1.5. Leave "host type" on auto detect.
1.6. Enter your user ID and Password in the boxes provided.
1.7. Leave "account" box empty.
1.8. Enter "/" in "remote host" box.
1.9. Enter name of local directory you want to work with.
1.10. Check the "save password" or "apply" box.
1.11. Click "save". After you click "OK" and connect to the server, you get to the root directory of your site.

1.2. File Management Using FrontPage Publisher.

1.2.1. Publishing your FrontPage Web. Run FrontPage Explorer and Open FrontPage web that you wish to publish. Choose menu "File" -> "Publish FrontPage Web...". First time you would have to choose "More Webs" button in order to point to your real site location. From the second time on, you choose your site location from a list inside "Publish" dialog window. Choose "New Web" option. When "Publish FrontPage Web" window opens, enter your site URL like After a pause, our server will ask you for your FrontPage username/password. Enter your access information. Please remember username and password are case sensitive. After FrontPage published files from your local computer to your Internet site, you'll see message "Published to".

1.2.2. Editing your FrontPage Site on our server. Start FrontPage Explorer. After "Getting started" window opens press button "More Webs". Window "Open FrontPage Web" opens. Enter your internet web site location ( and press button "List Webs". Choose "" and press "OK". After FrontPage retrieves file list, you can edit your site directly on our server.

2. Home Page Setup.

In order to make your default file appear on your domain name address (, you have to name the file "index.html" or "index.htm".
Please note that file names are case-sensitive and variations like Index.htm or INDEX.html won't work.
If you have both index.htm and index.html files, index.html would prevail.

3. E-mail Setup.

In order to set up your POP E-mail box, you have to change POP Server Name in your E-mail software to For each POP box that you have with your account you are given a different username which you should enter in setup to access that box. When promted, enter Password assigned to the POP box you are accessing.
ATTENTION, don't change your SMTP server records.
If you want recepients of your messages to see that your main E-mail is, enter this address as an "Identity" record in your E-mail software.

4. Hit Counter Setup.

In order to set up a hit counter, you need to enter a following string of HTML code in your file: IMG SRC="
You should enter your user ID instead of "yourid". Just as with any other image, you can place the counter anywhere on your page.
Attention FrontPage users, if you want to use our counter, you should enter an absolute URL IMG SRC="

5. Online Form Instructions.

To make your forms work on our server you need the following HTML code:

This FORM ACTION links directly to our formmail script. Don't change anything on this line.
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="recipient" value="">

Instead of "" enter E-mail address where you want the form to be send.
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="subject" value="Entry Form">

Instead of "Entry Form" enter the frase you want for the subject of your form's E-mail.
<input type=hidden name="redirect" value="">

Enter address of the page where your visitors will go to after they submit the form. Please enter absolute address on this line (including
To see an example of a form you can visit:

Please be carefull when you change or update files that have been fixed by our support team. You'll need to download the correct version of the file from your site first and then update that version. If you update the file from your local computer instead, you'll write an obsolete file over the correct file on your site.

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