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Your disk space includes all HTML, text and graphic files, CGI scripts, and other files that you upload to your site. Your disk space doesn't include your E-mail messages.

Additional space is sold in 5MB increments for $18.00/year.


Our customers have 24 hours/day, 7 days/week unlimited FTP access to their sites.


POP E-mail box is an E-mail account that we create for you on our server. POP E-mail box keeps all incoming messages until the owner of the box retrieves them. Multiple POP boxes are convenient if you have multiple users on the same account. Then each user accesses POP E-mail box assigned to him(her). It is also useful if you have a large volume of correspondence and your ISP charges you for space you use on their Mail Server.

Each of our accounts comes with a certain number of POP boxes. Additional POP boxes are sold for $5.00/box/year.


Aliase (or remailer) redirect all incoming messages to another POP E-mail box that you specify.

For example, if you AOL account is and your remailer is, then all messages sent to would be redirected to account. It is very convenient if you are the only user on your account because it creates an impression of multiple E-mail personalities. With remailers you don't have to change your E-mail software setup to access different E-mail addresses.


An autoresponder sends an auto-reply message to the inquirer.

For example, if you have a price list of your products, you can create an autoresponder with that price list and assign to the autoresponder E-mail address (usually remailer) Every time this E-mail address receives a message, it sends the price list back to the inquirer.

Autoresponders can be used for acknowledgement, information and authentication.

To see a sample of working autoresponder send us an E-mail.


Every time a visitor comes to your site and browse through it, he/she transfers files (electronic data) over the Internet. With unlimited data transfer your account can offer unlimited number of file-transfers to unlimited number of customers.


With multiple FTP accounts you can offer your customers or business partners a password protected directory where they can upload and exchange files.


Dinos Servers offers audio files hosting capabilities with all accounts. However, with packages A and 1, your customers will have to download audio files from the server in order to listen to the files. With packages 2 and 3, you can offer your customers audio/video streams. In this case files will be played from the server. There is a $20.00/month charge per stream.

Please Email us if you want to order streams or have any questions.


We offer you 2 secure server options:
1. We can place all your payment forms inside a directory that we create for you on our secure server. Then your form's URL will look like With this setup all you need is a package that includes secure server access. You can use secure server with lower packages for yearly fee of $30.00/year.
2. You purchase a digital certificate from Verisign and place your forms inside your own domain name. Currently, Verisign offers digital certificates from $249.00 to $695.00/year, depending on the terms. We would also charge you $150.00 one time fee to install the certificate.

Please don't confuse secure server with online credit card verification. Secure server allows for transfer of sensitive data over the Internet in an encrypted mode. It doesn't verify credit card orders!

To be able to accept credit card payments over the Internet, you need to contact a financial institution to set up a merchant account.


Web site search engine will allow your customers to search pages of your site for certain content by keywords.

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