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   We know how hard it is to start a web design business. It is ever harder if you offer a quality service and high end design. In the beginning, your expenses can easily exceed your income and put you out of business.

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   We want to help you cut your initial expenses down and offer you a free web hosting account. You NEVER have to pay for your web design site.

    Some restrictions that apply to your account are:
  1. The account is limited to package A's features. The account can be upgraded, though, if you show us a need.
  2. You cannot use your site for other than web design services.
  3. You have to display a minibanner on your home page, refering visitors to
  4. If you decide to publish a page on your site, offering web hosting and intend to host your customers on our servers, you don't have to display our minibanner on your home page.
  5. If you decide to host your customers on our server, we give you a reseller discount for each of our packages. If you charge your customers for the hosting directly, you can charge them any amount you want.
  6. You can display on your site banners for any advertiser except a company that offers web hosting service or programming service.
  7. With our free web hosting, payment to InterNIC for your domain name is your responsibility.
  8. If you decide to host some of your customers under your domain name (, you can do it, however, your customer's home page must feature our minibanner.

If you wish to proceed with you free web hosting account, please fill out our online order form. You will need to choose a free designer package. You don't need to provide payment information.

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